I’ve used Qtile for a while and I can tell it’s a good window manager; it has its source code and config file written in Python, plus a neat documentation comes in support if you fancy to play with it. The only problem imo is stability: in more than one occasion I had to deal with issues appearing just because of last updates.

So I decided to change and I knew exactly what I wanted: my new window manager had to be dynamic (I like my windows layouts to be preconfigured just like in Qtile), had to integrate its own bar and a usable default config to start with (I didn’t have much time for tinkering), plus It would be great if it had good documentation too.

The choices narrowed down to dwm, Xmonad, Awesome and the latter seems perfect for the job: I am no Lua programmer but with no effort the wm is configured and it flies. Awesome!

These days I’m experimenting with other window managers but to have a rough idea on how this workflow works, feel free to browse through my Awesome deadfiles. Uh and btw, I use Arch.